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Latest in Material Technology

DSG utilizes the latest trends in functional materials specifically made for snow sports.  Here you can see some of the test methods used, new technologies available, and information on our outerwear from our partners:  

Micro Fiber Technology: Learn how Thinsulate keeps you warm.

Cold Chamber Testing: Learn about 3M's high-tech testing methods.

Performance: Learn about tests to ensure performance.

Wigwam has been making wool socks in the USA with domestic sourced wool wherever possible since 1905! All Divas SnowGear's socks are made by Wigwam at their manufacturing facility in Sheboygan, WI. This video shows a little history of this great company:

REISSA is an advanced material with a breathable, water-proof membrane. This membrane is custom built into most of our jackets, bibs, and gloves, and is made of hydrophilic polyurethane, which fulfills higher vapor transmission and waterproofness. This textile is designed to provide comfort and durability in severe weather conditions.

Flotex, an insulation material in our new 2015 Arctic Appeal jacket, bibs, and gloves, is made from a polyethylene foam membrane that has excellent insulation properties to keep you warm and dry during your ride.

Hipora, our breathable and water-proof glove insert, is designed with a polyurethane coating.

This technology shuts out the water from outside, but allows the moisture or warm steam from the body to go out. When the body perspires during your ride, the perspiration can easily escape, allowing for your hands to keep warm, dry, and comfortable.

The Hipora Breathability Test allows for one to test and see this exceptional technology at hand.

Ax Suede Deuce, a new palm material put into our 2015 Arctic Appeal and Lace Collection gloves, acts to manage sweat during your ride. This material, which has been designed to perform without the polyurethane dipping process, gives the suede a softer, fuller hand feel that is not only breathable, but also eco-friendly.

The triple helix fiber construction and polyester core provides strength with an incredible soft touch, while still reaching the abraison requirements needed for even the most extreme sporting gloves.

Diva-Tech technology offers the ultimate solution for keeping comfortable and warm on the coldest of riding days. Diva-Tech material is built into many of our base layer products, repelling moisture and retaining warmth. Unlike other base layers, this material is stretchable and soft allowing for free movement vs. compression.